Woodpigeon-in-Green-webWe knew Woodpigeon would be the perfect match for Phrased and Confused when we heard that frontman Mark Hamilton had named them after ‘the most beautiful word in the English language’.

This band members in this Canadian music collective rise and fall in number with the demands of song and real life, but the constant is their beautiful chamber-folk, blending banjo, glockenspiel, delicate guitars and diffident vocals, which has led to comparisons with Sufjan Stevens and Arcade fire.

Certainly, their sparkling and melodic music is the perfect foil for Hamilton’s poetic, melancholic lyrics. The BBC summed it up beautifully in their review of Woodpigeon’s last album Treasure Library Canada

“For all the seductive fireside cosiness and gently swaying, raised-lighters-in-the-night-air prettiness of the surface of Hamilton’s meringue-light, sugar-dusted melodies, what lies beneath are beautifully crafted lyrics that excavate into the affairs of both the head and heart with forensic clarity.”

The album received rapturous reviews throughout the British press, suggesting that Woodpigeon are not far off being the next big thing: “**** It’s bloody marvellous”(Sunday Times) “**** An inspiring meditation on exile and return” (The Guardian) “Delightful … poetic and effortlessly gorgeous.” (The Word)

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